Alert of the Week: Stop Siddiqui!

Alert of the Week

Stop Siddiqui!

Islam Siddiqui has been nominated as the Chief Agricultural Negotiator for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. If Congress confirms Siddiqui, he will no doubt continue to undermine public health, biodiversity, climate stability and food security as the "inside man" in the Obama Administration for his former clients at CropLife (a front group for genetic engineering and chemical-intensive agribusiness corporations including Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont and Dow Chemical).

Croplife America’s regional partner, Mid America CropLife Association, notoriously "shuddered" at Michelle Obama’s organic garden and launched a letter writing campaign in protest, saying that Michelle’s rejection of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the White House Garden was a slap in the face for Food Inc. and America’s chemically-addicted farmers.

Another Washington wheeler-dealer using the revolving door between government and big business, Siddiqui formerly worked for Clinton’s pro-biotech USDA. Siddiqui gained notoriety in 1997-98 as an insider pushing for the infamous proposed USDA regulations for national organic standards that would have allowed toxic sewage sludge, irradiated foods, and genetically modified organisms to be labeled "organic." After a nationwide SOS (Save Organic Standards) campaign, led by the OCA and our allies, which generated an unprecedented backlash, Siddiqui and his cohorts backed down and withdrew their proposals.

It’s time to take down Siddiqui and his cohorts

once again. We must tell the Senate to reject President Obama’s nomination of Siddiqui as the Agricultural Trade Representative.


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