THE PROBLEM—We still have DDT poisoning. First introduced in 1939, into agriculture, to kill insects, and banned in December 1972. DDT is still here.

First, it has long-lasting effects on birds, fish, animals, and humans. Second, it is still in the water and soil.

Third, shipments of DDT food from overseas is not banned. Food grown in Israel is heavily DDTed, and then shipped to America because orthodox Jews will not allow it to be sold in Israel. Fourth, it is still used on fruit trees in America!

SOLUTIONS—Avoid DDT sources and environments. Special note: Do not fast on water alone; always do it on fruit juices. This is because DDT is stored in your body fat. During a water fast, its sudden release can damage various organs. Only drink distilled water. Drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juices.

Article reposted from: www.pathlights.com

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