SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—Mottled, discolored teeth. This is a permanent change which cannot be reversed.

THE PROBLEM—Dentists prescribe fluoride substances for teeth; fluoride, a trace mineral, is added to most city water in excessively large amounts. The objective is to reduce dental caries (tooth decay); but a much smaller amount does this, and only in small children. Fluoride never helps the teeth of adults. (The true cause of dental caries is eating sugar, candies, refined carbohydrates, soda beverages, and too little of fruits and vegetables.)

There was an 85% increase of cancer in Manchester, England, after the introduction of fluoride. Down’s syndrome increased in U.S. cities when fluoridated water supplies began. Japanese researchers found that children with mottled teeth had a higher incidence of heart disease.

Fluoride combines with calcium to make an insoluble calcium, producing bone deformities.

Fluoride destroys iodine, thus causing thyroid problems.

SOLUTIONS—Read labels and use nothing containing fluoride. Avoid fluoride sources and environments. Only drink distilled water. Drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juices.

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