How to make your own hyaluronic acid serum for face cream

Whether you’re financially strapped or just want to control what goes into your skincare the DIY method is always best in my book. You can spend upwards of $40-$60 on a cream or serum containing vitamin C or hyaluronic acid. If you think you have to be some sort of chemist to make your own serums you couldn’t be more wrong, it’s actually quite easy!

Hyaluronic acid attracts more than 100x its weight in moisture which is great for dry skin and fine lines. The use of hyaluronic acid will plump the skin and make it look more youthful and hydrated.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own hyaluronic acid serum:

1 gram of hyaluronic acid (powdered)

1 4oz plastic or glass bottle with a secure lid

100ml of very cold distilled or spring water

Pour 100ml of the cold water into the plastic bottle, then add 1 gram of HA, place lid on the bottle securely and shake the contents vigorously. The mixture will have chunks in it which is completely normal even after you’ve shaken it. Place it in the refrigerator and take it out to shake about every 5-10 minutes. It will take around 2 hours or so to completely dissolve and “gel”.

If you’re not in any hurry,you can just shake it the one time before placing in the refrigerator overnight.

You can apply this to your face alone or feel free to mix it in with your favorite facial moisturizer etc. You can also add glycerin or aloe vera gel to this base serum if you’d like as well. You can tailor this to your own skincare needs by adding whatever you want later.

You can order your HA here , a far cry as to what you’d pay for a store bought serum.

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