SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—Lead poisoning produces hyperactivity in children, behavioral problems, and weakened minds.

Chronic lead poisoning causes reproductive disorders, impotence in men, infertility in women, and anemia. Sudden infant death syndrome occurs more often in infants with high lead levels than those who die of other causes.

Toxic amounts damage liver, kidneys, heart, and nervous system.

Those suffering from lead poisoning will have days of severe gastrointestinal colic. Gums turn blue and he may feel muscle weakness. Paralysis of the extremities, blindness, mental disturbances, protein disorder, loss of memory, mental retardation, and even insanity can eventually result. Painter’s colic shows severe wandering pain in the abdomen and acute muscle spasm.

Sometimes you will find a lead line on the gum margin of the teeth.

WHERE FOUND—Lead is extremely toxic, and is widely found in leaded gasoline; lead pipes; and other piping using solder, ceramic glazes, lead-based paints, and lead-acid batteries. Lead arsenate is an insecticide used on certain plants. Burning newspapers throw lead into the air. Lead is in commercial baby milk and industrial materials (nails, solder, plating, plaster, and putty).

People also consume it when they use tobacco, eat liver, and drink domestic or imported wines. It can also be in soldered cans.

SOLUTIONS—Read labels and use nothing containing lead. Avoid lead sources and environments.

Buy only canned goods which are lead-free. These cans have been welded and have no soldered side seems. Do not use imported canned goods; no regulations cover them. Only drink distilled water. Drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juices.

Stay off the main highways whenever possible, and do not live near them. Lead fumes and other noxious chemicals and metals are still coming out of car exhausts. Do not grow family garden crops near the highways.

Do not have lead or copper water pipes in your home; use PVC (plastic) pipes instead. Copper pipes are connected with lead solder. Solder leaches a significant amount of lead into the water supply, especially during the first few years after installation. Lead solder was not banned until 1986.

Do not drink out of glazed pottery—especially if it is imported! The glaze can contain lead, which will leach into your fruit juice, etc.

Vitamin E tends to reduce the effects of lead poisoning.

Drink aloe vera gel or liquid.

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