SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—Allergies, anxiety, metallic taste, gastroenteritis, burning mouth pain, salivation, abdominal pain, tremors, uncontrolled crying, vertigo, nausea, and vomiting.

Mercury poisoning can lead to colitis, kidney disease, dermatitis, asthma, hair loss, gingivitis, mental and emotional disturbances, and nerve damage.

It is believed, by many, that multiple sclerosis is caused by mercury poisoning.

Arriving in the brain, it is stored there and produces dizziness, insomnia, weakness, fatigue, depression, and memory loss.

Symptoms in a child include hyperactivity, irritability, depression, and behavioral changes.

WHERE FOUND—Mercury is more toxic than lead, and can be ingested or inhaled. It is stored in the brain and in the fat.

At normal temperatures, it tends to change from a solid into a gas. This means that the mercury in the amalgam fillings in your mouth are always ready, when the opportunity presents itself, to pass into saliva and be swallowed. Acids in food provide that opportunity. Amalgam is over 50% mercury. Minute amounts of methyl mercury are released from the tooth filling as you chew your food. Eventually it passes into the organs and brain.

Nearly 100 chemicals are placed in mouths by dentists—including mercury, copper, nickel, beryllium, zinc, phenol, formaldehyde, disocyanate, and acetone.

Mercury is also found in streams, lakes, fish, shellfish, and sewage. The problem is that it is added to insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Grains and seeds are frequently treated with it, to keep out bugs. We would rather eat a stray bug than mercury. Gradually these substances have gone into the rivers and lakes, contaminating the fish.

Mercury is also included in fabric softeners, polishes, wood preservatives, latex, solvents, plastics, ink, and some paints. It is in cosmetics, laxatives which have calomel, some hemorrhoidal suppositories, and a variety of other medications.

SOLUTIONS—Read labels and use nothing containing mercury. Avoid mercury sources and environments.

Remove the mercury (amalgam) fillings from your teeth. Sweating helps excrete mercury. Selenium also helps eliminate it.

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